About Me

I’m Danielle, and for years I’ve always been afraid to tell my story for fear of judgment until I finally realized what do I have to lose? I want to share my stories, but I have always felt like nobody could understand what I’ve been through, but that’s not true.

There are so many people who are children of alcoholics who have had to learn to survive. People who have felt lost and made bad decisions, people who have felt loss and have suffered it repeatedly, people who have had to deal with depression day in and day out, people who have such bad anxiety that it makes them sick, and so much more.

I want to share my stories, so maybe even just one person won’t feel alone and know that there are ways to find the sunshine even when you feel there will always be darkness. That you can feel love not only by others but by yourself. If you stick with me you’ll not only hear my stories but how even through the dark, I’ve survived and realized with all the bad, good always comes.

My story will not always be in order, but I think it’s okay that way. To show you all around the chaotic mess of my mind.

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