Continued Night Of Hell

I told you half a story when I wrote about not judging people. If you have not heard the first half, click the link in the previous sentence, because this is the second half of that story. And everything in you is going to want to ignore everything I said in that post, and trust me I understand, because sometimes it makes me waiver too. BUT again addicts do things they would never do sober, and again they don’t ask to be this way no matter how hard it is for us to understand it and see it from a different point of view. Especially when you’re in the thick of it.

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Leave Him

I remember the day I told my mom to leave my dad like it was yesterday. I remember what restaurant we were at, I remember the weather, and exactly where we sat. Which is funny because many things for me fade together sometimes. It’s not always easy to remember when each relapse was especially since there were so many over the years, and again they started when I was thirteen going on fourteen. Barely a teen, so when you have 11 years worth of slips, relapses, rehab stints, etc its hard to not blend them together or lose when what happened. 

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Scare Tactics

When I first started to experiment with smoking and drinking, my dad had brought me to a place he had once gone to for rehab. It was maybe an hour or so away from where we lived at the time. It wasn’t your classic rehab either; it kind of had a hippy vibe. He decided it was something that I should see. He wanted me to sit and listen to these people I’ve never met before and hear their stories. It wasn’t an AA meeting; it was more than that but very similar. 

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