Do’s and Don’ts After Rehab

My dad always had his relapses. We always tried to get him into rehab centers, but most rehab centers won’t take you if your blood alcohol level is too high. They send you to detox, which will most likely be your local hospital or a hospital nearby, or a holding cell in a police station. So my dad would detox, come out sober and say he didn’t need to go into treatment. He had gone to rehabs, but it was mostly detox vs. rehab. Or it took calling the police when it got so bad to take him to detox because he wouldn’t go on his own. He would attend AA every now and again, but he just couldn’t find one that he “liked.” 

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I had a friend whose house phone number was one digit off from my house phone. We were close friends and grew up in the same neighborhood; we had stayed in touch when I moved away. Well, one night I get a call from her, and she seem frantic. “Hey, so the cops called asking for your mom. I told them they had the wrong number and gave them yours.” As she says this the call waiting beeps come through, I quickly say thanks they are calling now and hang up and switch over. 

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Picture Perfect Family

Picture Perfect

I always felt when I was younger I had the most picture-perfect family. Two very loving parents, and an amazing big brother. We had family vacations and lots of love. Only that wasn’t really the case. There was a lot of hiding and lying. I can understand it, it was to protect me, but sometimes I wish I was more prepared because when shit hit the fan I felt like my whole world had stopped. 

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