Getting To Know Me

I figured it would be fun to share a few random things about myself so you can get to know me more than just my past.

  • I swear-A lot. My dad once asked me where I got my dirty mouth. I said to him “Are you kidding? From you!” (Pretty sure it’s in the Chance blood to swear.)
  • I never want to grow up. I like that I still have an inner child in me.
  • I am weird and quirky. It takes time for me to let people get to know that side of me. But I finally love myself for my non-normalcy. And am starting to care less about what others think.
  • I read constantly. I always travel with a book in my purse. And I have a book buying addiction. My boyfriend loves to call me a nerd. And I don’t hate it. I love it!
  • I have my medical marijuana license for PTSD. I will not be ashamed/shamed for smoking weed over taking pills to help me. It helps calm my anxiety and also works for my chronic pain. 
  • I became lactose intolerant in my early 20’s, which SUCKS! I LOVE cheese! Thank goodness for Lactaid pills!
  • I share custody (sort of) with my mom over our dog Wyatt. Brett (my boyfriend) and I still lived with her when she got him. So we are lucky to get him when she goes away. Also when I call and ask she will let me take him for a few days. Even though this dog sheds his white hair like I’ve never seen before.
  • My favorite color is green. But most people always think it’s purple. I think it’s because of my purple hair.
  • I love to play video games. My brother introduced me to them and, I still love to play.
  • Some of my favorites are:
  • Old school Mario Party/Mario Kart
  • left 4 dead
  • Fallout
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Gears of war
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • My favorite animal is the elephant, which I adopted from my dad. If you saw my house-it’s covered in elephants.
  • I love to dance! You’ll probably most likely find me dancing when I’m cleaning. It helps motivate me. 
  • I won’t watch/read anything if someone tells me to. I don’t know why. I don’t like being told what to watch or read, again another oddity within myself.
  • I have 6 1/2 tattoos and plan on getting more.
  • I print out all my photos. I like to have them to look through like the earlier days of photos. Plus I’m terrified of my phone/computer deleting them forever. 
  • My favorite season is summer. There is nothing better than sunshine and pools.
  • I love to sing. And I love that Brett and I sing together while he plays the guitar, even though we don’t get to play as much as we would like. 
  • I have a very rather unusual passion for pens. I love pens. I am picky about it too. But buy me a funky or fun pen and, you can make me smile.
  • I am one of the pickiest eaters. Ever. It’s frustrating, but I cannot help it. I can’t help but have odd tastebuds. A test once told me I was a “supertaster.”
  • Coloring calms me. I have no artistic attributes. But my mom and Aunts are amazing though!
  • You will 99.9% of the time find me wearing mismatched socks. I have done this since I can remember. At this point, I am almost superstitious about it.
  • And lastly, I love to write. It went away for a while, but it came back!

Those are just a few things that scratch the surface. I want you to know me for me. I am a person like everyone else. I’d also LOVE to hear from you! Tell me something random about yourself! Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!

Me being me. Silly, Fun, Sweet. I love to smile.
Just me being me!

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