My mom had joined a support group called Al-anon. It’s a support group for adults who are dealing with someone they have in their lives who is an alcoholic. She found a great support group for her to help understand 1.) Alcoholism is a disease 2.) There is support and 3.)How to deal with her situation. With her joining this group she learned there was a group like hers but for teens(Alateen). And she wanted me to go. She thought it would help me understand a little bit more of why my dad was the way he was.

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Picture Perfect Family

Picture Perfect

I always felt when I was younger I had the most picture-perfect family. Two very loving parents, and an amazing big brother. We had family vacations and lots of love. Only that wasn’t really the case. There was a lot of hiding and lying. I can understand it, it was to protect me, but sometimes I wish I was more prepared because when shit hit the fan I felt like my whole world had stopped. 

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