I want to tell you about one of the MOST important people in my life, and about the boy who stole my heart. And since this week is Valentine’s Day I figured this is the best time to introduce you to him.

I knew who Brett was way before he knew me. It sounds a little creepy, but you’ll understand when you hear the story.

Our story is one of my favorites to tell.

When I was a freshman, Brett was a senior. I knew who he was, I mean, all the girls did. He was handsome, strong, and had these amazing blue eyes. He had no idea who I was though. I was a quiet freshman, of course he had no idea who I was.

Fast forward to my Junior year, it was then that I started to work at Expressway at my Dad’s oil changing shop. It also happened that Brett’s brother Frank worked there.

Brett went to college down the street, so he was always parking his car at our store before class. Whenever he came in, chills ran down my spine.

I remember saying to Frank “Your brother is so hot!” To which he responded, “Go for it.” But my lack of self-esteem made me think I couldn’t stand a chance with him.

As time went on I became really close friends with Frank. He was sort of like a mentor to me, and we hung out a lot. I relied a lot on Frank when I felt lost and freaked out with my Dad.

Being more comfortable, I started to flirt with Brett…and he flirted back! But the timing was never right. I was dating dumb guys, and he had sort of dated this other girl. And at this phase in my life, I was what you call a typical crazy girl.

But, Brett became one of my very best friends. He was tough but had so much kindness in him. He was funny and could make me laugh non stop. He lived with his Grandma who he took care of. He was the TOTAL package!

When I started turning my life around things changed between us. Now at this point, we had kissed and flirted but nothing serious ever came of it…at first. But I knew what I wanted, and I wanted him.

I was the one to say after us being together a lot and basically acting like a couple “Hey, are we going to date? Because I really, really like you.”  (Just reading it, oh how childish it sounds) 

“I can’t I have my Gram to look after.” 

“That’s okay, you can take care of your Gram and still be with me.”

Eventually, everything just clicked into place. We knew each other so well. He knew I was weird, I knew he was weird. I can honestly say we are a match made in heaven. 

One of my exes, when he found out I was dating Brett messaged me online. “I knew it! I always knew you liked him!”…. I had, deep down always knew it was Brett.

We have been together now for almost THIRTEEN years! And I couldn’t imagine a life without him. We have experienced ups and downs together. We always ride the storms out together, and still do.

When you love someone, you know almost every detail. We have learned to always apologize to each other if we fight. No matter who is right or wrong; we BOTH apologize. Instead of making things worse, we always work through them. Together.

I tell him all the time how lucky I am to have him. He always takes care of me and had so much patience when I was sick. He is a loyal and amazing friend. He’d do just about anything for someone he cares about, shit even strangers sometimes. He is the kindest soul I know.

He is always supporting me with everything I do. He is my ambition for becoming a better person. He is the yin to my yang. 

He is hardworking and dedicated. He can literally talk to anyone; something I envy about him. He can make a new friend anywhere he goes. I always say “Brett could talk to a pole and have a good conversation.”

He is sweet and thoughtful. Has a hilarious sense of humor, and if you knew us you’d laugh at the way we talk to each other. It’s a little too hard to explain, but he is my person to be ridiculous with.

We’ve had our share of adventures. I mean shit, I’ve been with him since I was Eighteen! Of course, we have!

I also love the things that sometimes annoy me. The way he snores, or when I can’t sleep and every single night he will smile and laugh in his sleep. I video record him sometimes so we can laugh the next day about the silly things that he said in deep sleep.

Sometimes I feel he can be TOO nice, or maybe I’m just not nice enough. All little things, but its what makes him, him. And I love everything, even his flaws. We all have them right?

No amount of words can describe my love for him. None of them would be good enough.

He is my rock, my Bweet, Brett-a-fis. The person who makes me smile and still until this very day can give me butterflies in my stomach.

Not everyone is lucky to find their soul mate, or for some, others may believe soul mates are made up. But for me, it is very much real. I love that man with every fiber in my body.

Brett is the man I want to grow old with and be weird crazy old people. He is my safe place. He is mine, and I am his. Sappy as it all may sound. I don’t even care. 

He lifted me up when no one else could. We have been through more than I feel your average couple has gone through in such a short time. He is someone I can depend on, and always know that no matter what I have him.

Love is something that you can take for granted. Make sure you don’t. It doesn’t have to be a significant other, it can just be a friend. Love is never-ending. Love is the light that guides you when everything seems dark. Brett has been my light and I am so thankful for him.

As our song ‘High On You’ by Survivor goes

“I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you girl (boy in my case)

I must be living in a fantasy world

I’ve searched the whole world over

To find a heart so true

Such complete intoxication

I’m high on you.”

10-year challenge photo! 2009 vs 2019 <3

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