Trudging Through

Sometimes it’s hard for me to write because I can’t always put into words what I want to say. Sometimes I think maybe that it’s that I don’t want to face certain things in my life. It’s not easy pulling up all that I’ve shoved down for so long back into memory. I think it’s also hard because I’ve held my Dad on this pedestal forever, and it’s hard to remember some of the shittiness that happened and that he was just a normal person with flaws like the rest of us.

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Continued Night Of Hell

I told you half a story when I wrote about not judging people. If you have not heard the first half, click the link in the previous sentence, because this is the second half of that story. And everything in you is going to want to ignore everything I said in that post, and trust me I understand, because sometimes it makes me waiver too. BUT again addicts do things they would never do sober, and again they don’t ask to be this way no matter how hard it is for us to understand it and see it from a different point of view. Especially when you’re in the thick of it.

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Dad’s Book

Having visited my Dad in Florida while he was recovering and witnessing his sadness (although he really did try his best to hide it) made me want to do something special for him. Something to show him all the things he had here to fight for. I wanted to turn my Dad’s fight switch on because even with everything we had been through I was still Daddy’s little girl, and a girl always needs her father.

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